Unicorn Party

Unicorn and rainbow foods are all the rage! These colorful parties are not just for kids, adults of all ages are on this ROYGBIV bandwagon. Along with our vendor partner, Twigs & Branches Floral, we showcased on Fox 2 decor and food ideas for a unicorn party that is sure to be a hit!

Real Food For Busy Families

Regardless of your family size (even solo) meal planning can be essential to making sure you are able to have a healthy and quick meal even on the busiest weeknights. All it takes is a road map, a little help from the store, and an open mind in how to morph the same ingredient into something new and fresh. Here Chef Kelli has taken family staples such as chicken and meatloaf and shows you ways to turn them into completely different meals. Don’t be afraid to take a short cut and use a rotisserie chicken from the store. Additionally, use your freezer to your advantage…if you are making 1 meatloaf it takes just a few ticks longer to make 4 and freeze the rest for a variety of uses.  

Valentine’s Movie Night In

It is not always easy to plan a big night out when the heart holiday fall on a weekday. We suggest a movie in your own fort including love potion sips, all grown up theater snacks and always a sweet treat to bring the movie home. Get creative this Valentine’s day and break out the blankets, toss pillows, string some lights, pick a movie, whip up a few unique snacks and drinks. Not only is a night at home easier on the budget it can also be less stressful so can focus on your valentine.       Fort + Drink + Sweet + Movie + Smooches = #bestvalentinesdayever  

Holiday & New Year’s Celebrations

Having a solid game plan when hosting family and friends over the holidays and New Year’s will have you time in the long run and allow you as the host to enjoy the party as well. To assist you in décor and food, Chef Kelli and her trusty partner in crime Kevin (Twigs & Branches Floral) have come up with some easy time saving and inexpensive ways to make it through this holiday season. Look for these segments throughout the month on Fox 2!

Give Thanks…AGAIN!!!

It happens every year, your bellies are stuffed following a great Thanksgiving meal and so is your fridge with all those leftovers. Don’t let all that yumminess go to waste, transform into a completely different meal. With these Give Thanks Again recipes Chef Kelli repurposes your Thanksgiving table into a variety of tasty dishes from breakfast to lunch, dinner and snacks.

Pop Ups on Chester – Nov 2017

Our latest pop up dinner at Chef Kelli’s home was a private event that was won through a charity auction. With the assistance of 2U’s very talented Chef Michelle, the woman duo created a beautiful 7 course meal. The menu offered a variety of flavors, textures and tastes to please the guests. Click here to view the dinner menu: Pop Up Menu 11-10-17 Click here for event and dish photos: Pop Ups on Chester – Nov 2017

Eat, Drink, Be Scary & Merry

For late October, Chef Kelli did a nod to the season with segments on Fox 2 on both Octoberfest and Halloween. What goes better with a crisp fall beer than a soft pretzel. For the Octoberfest c celebration Chef Kelli looked to this concept with a different scope and hung her soft pretzels and then provided a variety of mustards and dipping sauces…..fun, creative and so easy to execute! For Halloween Kelli showed off the highly talented Two Unique pastry team by show casing some themed cake pops, caramel apples, and whoopie pies. Top that off with some fun and inexpensive décor ideas from our friends Kevin from Twigs & Branches and Shelby from Firefly, the set was not only was fun and tasty but looked great too! Click here for event and dish photos: Eat, Drink, Be Scary & Merry Click here to view the recipes: Fox 2 – October 29 – Eat, Drink, Be Scary & Merry

Field to Fork Market Blitz

Early autumn is the perfect time to hit up your local farmer’s market. Chef Kelli and Reid recently take on the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market to get some beautiful local produce in the peak of its season straight from the source. Fall time is a great time to take advantage of mushrooms, squash, brussel sprouts, and apples. Their discussion with the farmers and their demo of seasonal ingredients was live on Fox 2 on September 30th.   Click here for event and dish photos: Field to Fork Pics Click here to view the recipes: Field to Fork Market Blitz – Fox 2 Sept 30, 2017

Project Pajama Party

Chef Kellis latest Fox 2 segment focused on kid friendly recipes that are perfect for slumber parties or lazy family weekends where the fitting attire are PJs. Here she offers a wide spectrum of ideas from savory to sweet. On the savory side, Chef Kelli recommends a MYO pizza bar. No need to take the time roll out dough on your lazy weekend or when you have a house full of kids….take a shortcut by using pitas, English muffins, or bagels. Top it with your favorite toppings and you quickly have a customized meal perfect for any young picky eater. Next Chef dives into a similar concept with a kid friendly MYO pancake bar….what a fun way to wake up from a slumber party with your kid’s friends! Then on the sweet side how about frosted cookies, unicorn popcorn, or painted krispie treats?!?! The theme here is to stay in those PJs, rock that bed head hair, pop in a movie, and enjoy time with family and friends.   Click here for segment & food photos: Project Pajama Party Click here to view the recipes: Project Pajama Party – Fox 2 Sept 17, 2017