Holiday Pickup Menu

Our holiday pickup menu is designed to ease the stress of your holiday parties in December & early January. Everything comes beautifully displayed on disposable platters and trays for your convenience. For hot items, they will come with easy heating instructions. So our staff can be with their families over the holidays, we will be closed on December 25th - 27th. Pickups during this closure is December 24th 11:00am-1:00pm.

Great Beginnings (sold in quantities of 2 dozen)

Shrimp Cocktail with robust sauce
$48/2 doz

Mini Beef Wellingtons $54/2 doz

Thai Shrimp Stix with crispy wrapper & chili sauce
$54/2 doz

Squash Goat Cheese Empanadas $42/2doz

Seafood Cakes lobster, crab, shrimp, scallops with red pepper remoulade
$42/2 doz

Loli Lamb Chops herb pesto $84/2 doz

Short Rib Pierogis $40/2 doz

Chorizo Stuffed Dates $42/2 doz

Communal Trays

Vegetable Crudité & Dips Small (serves 15)
Large (serves 30) $62.95

Winter Brie buttery sautéed pears, dried fruits, caramel and toasted pecans

Holiday Dunk Trio Whipped brie with cranberries and sugared nuts
Pumpkin Butter with spiced pepitas
Salmon pate
served with crackers & crostini $55

Holiday Cheeses Small (serves 15)
Large (serves 30) $68

Asparagus Platter roasted with herbs, garlic and white balsamic (serves 12)

Flat Breads Wild Mushroom
Sausage & peppers
Squash, ricotta, & prosciutto
(sold individual pieces – in quantities of 2 dozen)
$22.80/2 doz

Main Attractions

“Everything” Roasted Salmon serves 15-20 $119.95

Tis The Season Chicken Wild mushrooms medley, caramelized pearl onions & herbs (tucked in breast) with pinot noir cranberry demi sauce (4pc)

Roasted Beef Tenderloin medium rare with grilled onions, sauces & rolls $215

Garlic & Rosemary Standing Rib Roast horsey cream & cabernet demi, U-bake

Rack of Pork Loin cider brine, dried fruits & apple onion chutney, U-Bake, 4lbs


Simple Greens baby greens, red onions, cumber, tomato, carrot ribbons, chick peas & balsamic mustard vinaigrette
serves 4-6

Holiday Greens rocket, spinach, kale blend, goat cheese, roasted squash, blackberry’s, oranges, sugared nuts, purple onions & cucumber with pomegranate vinaigrette
serves 4-6 $18

Super Sides (2lbs serves 6-8)

Mash Potato Florentine $12/2lbs

Lobster Mac & Cheese $35/2lbs

Lemony Green Beans $14/2lbs

Organic Brown Rice pilaf, dried cranberries, aromatics $12/2lbs

Squash Risotto $20/2lbs

Seafood Risotto $35/2lbs

Tri-Colored Roasted Baby Carrots spiced pumpkin oil, carrot top pesto & pepita $22/2lbs

Sweet Finales

Frangipane Pear Tart with ginger cream $25

Holiday Dessert Extravaganza Something for everybody and seasonally inspired, petite brownies and dessert bars, cookies, cheesecakes, dipped confections, baby cakes, dipped pretzels, bark, and other bite sized pastries

Rustic Berry Crostata 10in with vanilla bean ginger whipped cream $18

Petite Trio of Cheese Cakes eggnog, salted caramel & cranberry ginger (1 doz) $20