May & June Lunch Specials

Sandwiches - May

Trio Wraps Buffalo Chicken – lettuce, tomato, red onion, blue cheese
BLAT – bacon, lettuce, avocado, and turkey with avocado mayo
Roasted Veggie – seasonal roasted veggies with dill cheese spread
Choice of 2 deli sides.

Deli Sides - May

Specialty deli side options to accompany Excellent Entrées or sandwiches/wraps.

Crunchy Caesar kale, romaine and chickpeas

Spring Potato Salad asparagus and peas with mustard vinaigrette

East Village mixed greens, green apple, cranberries, pepitas and goat cheese with apple cider vinaigrette

TAPS tomato and avocado pasta salad with creamy avocado dressing

Hot Sides - May

Specialty side options to accompany Excellent Entrée proteins.

Quinoa Divan broccoli and pepper jack

Vegetable Paella eggplant, fennel, tomato, artichokes, and mushrooms over seasoned rice

Desserts - May

Salted Chocolate Chunk Blondies $1.25

Combined Assortment Tray $2.25

Lemon Bars $1.25

Sandwiches - June

Trio Petite Deli Sandwiches Dill Chicken - grapes, cashews, celery, green onion on sourdough
Cobb - horseradish, basil, chicken, tomato, bacon, ham, eggs on croissants
Smashed Chickpea - pickles, red onion, dill, tomato, and sprouts wrapped in lavosh
Choice of 2 deli sides

Deli Sides - June

Specialty deli side options to accompany Excellent Entrées or sandwiches/wraps

Sara’s Summer Salad kale, apple, shaved Parmesan, walnuts, purple onions and balsamic vinaigrette

Austin Pasta Salad corn, bacon, pasta, avocado ranch dressing

Grilled Potato Salad scallions, roasted peppers with Braggs apple cider vinaigrette

Strawberry Fields quinoa, strawberries, cucumber, purple onion, asparagus, spinach & kale and fruited vinaigrette

Hot Sides - June

Specialty side options to accompany Excellent Entrée proteins.

Reid’s Veggies roasted zucchini and peppers with crisp Parmesan

Southwest Hash potatoes, corn, tomatoes, jalapeños, black beans, cilantro and charred peppers/onions

Desserts - June

Traverse City Chocolate Chuck Cookies $1.25

Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Bars $2.25

*consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shelffish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness*
prices are per person *10 minimum unless otherwise noted*