Backyard Hipster Bohemian Cook Out

Set the scene for a mid to late summer outdoor event; aromatic spices burring in the open air from the grill. Fresh clean marinated meats, breads, assorted vegetables, condiments, salads and dips for building grilled “wraps,” or serving proteins with vibrant, refreshing and fun accoutrements to make your outdoor event filled with bright, light and tasty food. Here are a few grilled meat options from Chef Kelli to put a fun spin on your next outdoor cookout. Click here for the recipes: Backyard Hipster Bohemian Cook out

MYO Hummus Bar

Hummus, we’ve all had and we all love it! This versatile spread works as a dip, spread, or sauce and can take on many different flavor profiles. Because of its versatility why not let your guests pick the flavors they like to appeal to the masses? With this recipe, Chef Kelli provides many different options to customize this classic Mediterranean favorite. Click here for the recipes: MYO Hummus Click here for the video

2U & Linen Hero 60 Second Challenge

After 26 years of business, we are very proud to have cultivated many business partnerships in the Detroit-Metro area. One of these great partnerships is Linen Hero by Chair Covers & Linens. Together we have been able to meet the needs of hundreds of clients, creating beautiful, memorable and unique events. Recently our Two Unique event planners, along with Chef Kelli, went to their display room to have some creative playtime in a 60 second table setting challenge. Here is the link to the video

Pop Ups on Chester – June 2017

At the beginning of June Chef/Owner, Kelli Lewton, opened her home up for Two Unique to start doing popup dinners. This was a great opportunity for our talented culinary team to experiment with flavors and seasonal ingredients all while entertaining some of Two Unique’s clientele in a family like environment. This was the first of what will hopefully be many popup dinners we look to host on Chester Street. Stay tuned for more info to “popup” on this exciting new adventure. Click here for the menu: Pop Up Menu 6-2 Click here for the event pictures: June 2017 Pop-up Pics

Summer Salads

It happens to us all every summer; you’re invited to a BBQ and asked to bring a side. Here are a few of Chef Kelli’s easy go-to summer salads that go astray from your traditional coleslaw and potato salad. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring; these flavorful salads are mayonnaise free and great cold or at room temperature. Mix up your dish to pass and put your mind as ease with these easy recipes. Click here for the recipes: Summer Salads Click here for the video

Patriotic Parfait

While Chef Kelli wrote this as an idea to help celebrate the 4th of July holiday; the concept can be adapted to fit your party…all you have to do is change the colors to fit your theme. The ingredients are very versatile and can fit the needs of your guests and can also be adapted to include seasonal elements. In addition to a dessert at a birthday party or BBQ these would also be a great idea for a brunch or shower. The cherry on top of this idea is that everything can be set up in advance and the guests to all the work because they are the ones assembling the final product. Click here to view the recipes: Patriotic Parfait

Backyard Pick Up Stixs

What’s portable, versatile, flavorful, and a crowd pleaser….meat on a stick of course! Nothing against a carnival’s corn dog but with these recipe ideas Chef Kelli goes to the grill with tasty skewers that your guests will love. At your next BBQ take a break from the typical burgers and dogs and try these protein ideas complete with sauces. The best part of this recipe is that they can be made up to a day in advance, which makes entertaining a breeze. Click here to view the recipes: Two Unique’s Backyard Pick Up Stixs

MYO Dessert Nachos

Looking for that make a head dessert option that your guests have never had before? With this concept Chef Kelli takes a sweet twist on what is typically a spicy and savory appetizer/snack….dessert nachos! This is not so much a recipe as it is a model where you need a vehicle, sauce and toppings. What you choose can be based on your guest’s tastes, what you have on hand or what is seasonally available. Have fun experimenting with this concept that caters to both kids and adults alike. Click here is view the recipes: MYO Dessert Nachos