Field to Fork Market Blitz

Early autumn is the perfect time to hit up your local farmer’s market. Chef Kelli and Reid recently take on the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market to get some beautiful local produce in the peak of its season straight from the source. Fall time is a great time to take advantage of mushrooms, squash, brussel sprouts, and apples. Their discussion with the farmers and their demo of seasonal ingredients was live on Fox 2 on September 30th.   Click here for event and dish photos: Field to Fork Pics Click here to view the recipes: Field to Fork Market Blitz – Fox 2 Sept 30, 2017

Project Pajama Party

Chef Kellis latest Fox 2 segment focused on kid friendly recipes that are perfect for slumber parties or lazy family weekends where the fitting attire are PJs. Here she offers a wide spectrum of ideas from savory to sweet. On the savory side, Chef Kelli recommends a MYO pizza bar. No need to take the time roll out dough on your lazy weekend or when you have a house full of kids….take a shortcut by using pitas, English muffins, or bagels. Top it with your favorite toppings and you quickly have a customized meal perfect for any young picky eater. Next Chef dives into a similar concept with a kid friendly MYO pancake bar….what a fun way to wake up from a slumber party with your kid’s friends! Then on the sweet side how about frosted cookies, unicorn popcorn, or painted krispie treats?!?! The theme here is to stay in those PJs, rock that bed head hair, pop in a movie, and enjoy time with family and friends.   Click here for segment & food photos: Project Pajama Party Click here to view the recipes: Project Pajama Party – Fox 2 Sept 17, 2017