Spring Brunch Nosh

Although brunch has always been “a thing” it has taken on a new status of late, food establishments cashing in on the trend with hipster menus, bloody Mary bars, craft cocktails, blini experiences and more!  It is a fun, often lighter and whimsical way to entertain at home too!

Easter Basket Treats & Egg Decorating

With the Easter Holiday approaching, Chef Kelli and Chef Sidrah have put together some treat ideas and some natural ways to dye your eggs. Mix up your Easter basket treats with a Rice Krispie robin egg and a cookie nest. Also, no need to use those packets of fake dyes to decorate your eggs; here the chefs have shown a natural and easy way to color the shells of hard boiled eggs. 

Unicorn Party

Unicorn and rainbow foods are all the rage! These colorful parties are not just for kids, adults of all ages are on this ROYGBIV bandwagon. Along with our vendor partner, Twigs & Branches Floral, we showcased on Fox 2 decor and food ideas for a unicorn party that is sure to be a hit!

Real Food For Busy Families

Regardless of your family size (even solo) meal planning can be essential to making sure you are able to have a healthy and quick meal even on the busiest weeknights. All it takes is a road map, a little help from the store, and an open mind in how to morph the same ingredient into something new and fresh. Here Chef Kelli has taken family staples such as chicken and meatloaf and shows you ways to turn them into completely different meals. Don’t be afraid to take a short cut and use a rotisserie chicken from the store. Additionally, use your freezer to your advantage…if you are making 1 meatloaf it takes just a few ticks longer to make 4 and freeze the rest for a variety of uses.