Corporate Express

Our Corporate Express Catering Menu is specifically designed for our everyday corporate clients. Everything comes beautifully displayed on disposable platters and trays for your convenience. Whether you are looking for a beautiful continental breakfast spread to impress clients or hosting a celebratory lunch, our Corporate Menu has everything you need.

Menu and pricing subject to change.

Rise & shine

Hello Morning Breakfast Pastries, bagels with condiments & fruit salad. $5.95

Bagel Express Sliced NY bagels, butter, jam, flavored cream cheeses & fruit salad. $5.95

Power Breakfast Seasonal fresh fruit salad, assorted yogurts & assorted granola bars. 12 guest minimum. $7.50

Euro-Continental Breakfast Grapes, berries, rosemary ham, soft cheeses, hard-boiled eggs, smoked salmon, granola, yogurt, baguette toast & scones. 12 guest minimum. $10.50

The All-American Buffet Three cheese quiche, breakfast potatoes, sausage links or bacon, fresh-sliced fruit, bagels, plus appropriate condiments. 12 guest minimum. $10.95

Classic French Toast Lightly battered, thick-cut Pullman bread griddled until golden served with butter & maple syrup. $4.50

Eggs-traordinary Combinations

Loaded Ham, cheddar cheese, peppers & onion

Mexican Fresh pico de gallo, pepper jack cheese & chorizo

Veggie Loads of garden veggies & provolone

B&C Bacon & cheese

3 Cheese Cheddar, Swiss & mozarella

Mediterranean Spinach, tomato & feta

Varieties listed above are available in the following:

Deep Dish Quiche Square Your choice from list (12 minimum per variety). $4.25

Breakfast Pie Full Pan (serves 25 people) Crispy hash topped with your choice of egg & a sprinkle of cheese. $3.50

Egg Scramblers Just the way you like them. $3.50

A.M. Extras

Pf2U Baked Oatmeal Organic oats, cider, dried fruits & almonds. $4.00

Yogurt Parfait Greek yogurt layered with berries, granola & pure maple syrup. $4.00

English Bangers (2 per). $2.75

Bacon (3 per). $2.75

Yukon Home Fries $2.75

Fresh Fruit Salad $3.50

Side of French Toast $2.50

Bottled Juices $1.75

Specialty Sandwiches

Petite Europeans Our high end collection of sandwiches including: zesty Italian, beef tenderloin, smoked turkey, roasted veggie & salmon, just to name a few. 2 deli salads included. $10.95

2U Mini Gourmets Assorted petite deli sandwiches. 2 deli salads included. $9.95
A la carte with chips. $7.75

Lavosh Wraps Deli classics in a handy, sliced wrap. 2 deli salads included.
A la carte with chips. $7.75

Make Your Own! Deli Sandwich Premium roasted deli meats & fine selection of cheese, with hand sliced bread, condiments & relishes. 2 deli salads included. $10.95
A la carte, no salad. $8.95

Panini Press Sandwiches Fun varieties including: Cuban, reuben, turkey, roast beef, Italian & caprese. 2 deli salads included. $9.75
A la carte with chips. $7.75

Deli Salad Sampler Egg, chicken or tuna with lettuce, tomato, red onion, rolls & cucumber slices. 2 deli sides included with salads. $10.95

Executive Boxed Lunch Deli sandwich, pasta or fruit salad, potato
chips, chocolate chip cookie, napkin & fork $10.95

Entree Salads

Add chicken ($4.00) or salmon ($7.00). $7.25

Detroit Market Greens Hearty greens, broccoli slaw, kale, purple onions, cucumbers, chick peas, tomatoes, sour dough croutons & maple mustard balsamic vinaigrette

Chopped Greek Feta, red onion, tomato, cucumber, beets, olives, pita chips & herb vinaigrette

Mediterranean Greens White beans, sundried tomatoes, artichokes, romaine hearts, roasted red pepper, shaved parmesan & red wine vinaigrette

Chef Kelli's Chopped Egg, bacon, cheddar cheese, red onion, tomato, cucumber, & ranch dressing

Hale Kale Caesar Kale & geens, shaved parmesan, croutons & Caesar dressing

Kale Crunch Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, almonds, apples, radish & apple cider honey vinaigrette

Mitten Bowl Wild rice blend, kale, apples, sweet potatoes, toasted almonds, goat cheese & balsamic vinaigrette

Tex Mex Greens Corn, black beans, tomato, onion, cheese, tortilla chips & southwest ranch

Michigan Green Salad Mixed greens,
dried cherries, candied
walnuts, blue cheese & fruited vinaigrette

Featured Deli Salads

Pasta Greek

Fresh Fruit

Detroit Market Greens

Hale Kale Caesar

Michigan Greens

Potato Salad of the Month

Grain/Pasta Salad of the Month

Excellent Entrees

2 sides: $11.50, 3 sides: $12.95, 4 sides: $13.95, add 2nd protein: $4.00 *Orders after 3pm are subjected to a $2.50pp additional charge & a minimum 20 person order*

Giant Baked Meatballs With our homemade tomato sauce

Sliced Beef Brisket Cooked in a molasses BBQ sauce

Grilled Beef of Sirloin Slow roasted with a homemade pan sauce

BBQ Pulled Pork Smokey house BBQ sauce with rolls

Hand Cut Salmon Filet (+$4) Herb, mustard or Mediterranean

Roasted Turkey Breast Sliced turkey breast & pan gravy

Crispy Golden Chicken Pieces Assorted thighs, legs & breasts

Crusty Mustard Chicken Dijon, honey & coarse breadcrumbs

Lemon Kissed Chicken Lemon chardonnay sauce, artichokes & capers

Spa Chicken Topped with fresh tomato & spinach ragu

Marinated Herb Grilled Chicken Breast Fresh chopped herbs, garlic & virgin olive oil

Pesto Parm Chicken Grilled with pesto, sprinkled with tomato relish & parmesan

Thai Chicken Sriracha & fresh ginger

Simply Sides

Detroit Market Greens Hearty greens, broccoli slaw, kale, purple onions, cucumbers, chickpeas, tomatoes, sour dough croutons & maple mustard balsamic vinaigrette

Hale Kale Salad Kale & greens, shaved permesan, croutons & Caesar dressing

Michigan Greens Salad Mixed greens,
dried cherries, candied
walnuts, blue cheese & fruited vinaigrette

Bistro Vegetables Roasted farmer's market vegetables & potatoes

Seasonal Vegetables Steamed or sauteed

Green Beans Dotted with butter & herbs

Sweet Corn Sea salt & butter

Grilled Broccoli

Roasted Curried Cauliflower with brown rice & raisins

Baked Penne Tomato, basil & cheese

Bistro Mac & Cheese Extraordinary cheese sauce

Quinoa Bake Roasted veggies, spinach, tomato sauce & feta

Mushroom Grain Bake Quinoa, brown rice, farro & barley

Rice Pilaf Aromatic veggies

Baked Chili Lime Sweet Potato Wedges

Plain jane Mashed Potatoes Buttermilk & sea salt

Herb Roasted Potatoes Olive oil & herbs

Spinach Parmesan Mashers

The Extra-Ordinary Meal

Note: *Orders after 3pm are subjected to a $2.50pp additional charge & a minimum 20 person order*

Rodeo Chicken Barbecue chicken breast, spicy cheddar corn bake, creamy coleslaw & buttermilk biscuits. $11.50

Chicken Fajita Bar Make your own fajita with seasoned chicken, grilled peppers & onions, house salsa & cheddar cheese accompanied with Texas Rice. $11.50

Big Fat Greek Lunch Grilled chicken souvlaki with pita, condiments, 2U Greek salad & spinach pie. $11.50

Farmer's Market Pie Roasted Vegetables, tomato jam & smoked portabella. $8.95

Fish & Chips Battered fish with hand cut potato chips & slaw. $8.95

Thai Chicken Saute House ginger sauce, stir fry veggies, rice & vegetable spring roll. $9.95

Shrimp & Rice Noodle Bowl Bok choy & vegetable spring roll. $10.50

Vegan Pad Thai Bean sprouts, cabbage & scallions. $8.95

Baked Potato Bar Sweet potatoes, Idaho potatoes, veggie chili, bacon, cheddar cheese, broccoli, butter, sour cream, scallions, sea salt & pepper with chicken Caesar salad (chicken on side) $9.75

Deconstructed Burrito Bowl Chicken, Tex-Mex rice, black beans, grilled onions, chopped lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa, shredded cheese, guacamole & house fried chips. $12.25

Assorted Quesadillas Veggie & chicken served with rice, garden salad & condiments. $8.95

2U Salad Bar Choose 2 from the variety of salads we offer. $13.95

Perfect Pastas

Includes Caesar salad, breads/rolls. $9.25. Top with a Protein: chicken($3.00), sausage($2.00), or shrimp($3.00). *Orders after 3pm are subjected to a $2.50pp additional charge & a minimum 20 person order*

Bistro Mac & Cheese Extraordinary cheese sauce

Baked Penne & Sausage Ricotta, Mozzarella cheese & red sauce

Pasta Adrianna Artichokes, tomatoes, garlic, onions & spinach tossed in house marinara

Spaghetti Zucchini "Noodles" Sundried tomato pesto

Grilled Green Veggies Our vegetarian green pesto, kale, spinach, pine nuts & veggie stock

Cavatappi Caprese Pasta Sundried tomatoes, mozzarella & fresh basil

Pasta Alfredo Primavera Peas, veggies & white sauce

Tuscan Pasta Bake Eggplant, artichokes, sundried tomatoes, spinach, tomato, parmesan & basil

Lobster Mac & Cheese $11.95


Fresh Fruit Tray Small Serves 15 (52.95), Large Serves 25 (68.00)

Classic Cheese Tray Small Serves 15 ($52.95), Larges Serves 25 (68.00)

Vegetables Crudites The market's best vegetables & house made dips. Small serves 15 (39.75), Large serves 30 (62.75)

Seasonal Baked Brie Filled with fruit chutney & wrapped in puff dough with garnish, crackers & breads. Half Serves 15-20 ($55.50), whole serves 25-30 ($95.95)

Simply Sweet Brie Topped with pears, pecans & brown sugar glaze. Whole serves 25-30 ($95.95)

This & That A little something for everybody: lavosh spinners, spinach triangles, fruit skewers, cheese wedges, petite dessert bars & cookies. $99.00

Savory Sampler Salami, rosemary ham, soft cheeses, marinated items, onion dip, crostini & crackers, thick-cut chips & nuts. $99.00

Tex-Mex Dip Layered black bean dip with house fried corn tortilla chips. Serves 25-30 ($85.95)

Baked Artichoke Dip Served warm with fresh breads & crackers for easy dipping. Serves 15-20 ($49.95)

Trio of Dips Choice of 3 varieties: white bean spread, artichoke spinach dip, creamy spinach, feta red pepper,
hummus, quinoa tabbouleh, golden onion, whipped brie, goat cheese bowl; served with crackers,
tomato bruschetta, baguettes, pita chips, crostini, and/or potato & vegetable chips. Serves 20 ($75.00)

Roasted Vegetable Platter Seasoned with herbs, garlic, eggplant, zucchini, squash, peppers and mushrooms with marinated cherry mozzarella & focaccia chips. Serves 20 ($75.00)

Roasted Salmon Platter Herb and country mustard coated salmon filets with French green bean salad & herb potatoes. Serves 15-20 ($119.95)

Roasted Beef Tenderloin Platter Roasted to medium rare & hand sliced, with balsamic grilled onions, roasted peppers & garlic cloves, mustard caper & horseradish sauces & rolls. Serves 15-20 ($215.00)


Fancy Pants Miniatures 3PP/$3.95

Petite Sweets Assortment of petite cookies, brownies & dessert bars. 2.5PP/$2.95

Jumbo Cookies & Brownies 1.5PP/$2.50

Jumbo Cookies $1.75 ea.

XL Brownies $1.75 ea.

Lunch-Box Sized Cookies Petite assortment of our delicious cookies. 2PP/$1.25

Sweet Squares Assorted brownies & fruit bars. $1.75 ea.

Assorted bite-Size Cupcakes Assorted varieties. $1.00 ea.

Dessert of the Month Check out the monthly specials page for this month's new dessert item

Set Up & Beverages

2Unique Set Up Small Set Up (6 inch plates, forks, cocktail napkins)
Eco-friendly $.50 ea.
Upscale $.75 ea.

Large Set Up (9 inch plates, forks, knives, tri-fold napkins)
Eco-friendly $.75 ea.
Upscale $1.50 ea.

Disposable Chafers Chafer Stand, two sternos & water pan. $9.95 ea.

Soda By the Can $1.35 ea.

2-Liters Coca-Cola products with cups and ice $3.50 ea.

Bottled Water $1.35 ea.

Bottled Juice $1.75 ea.

Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co. Boxed Coffee Includes your choice of either regular or decaffeinated Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co. Motor City Blend, cream, sugar, Stevia, Sweet & Low, Splenda, cups & stirrers. Serves 10. $29.50

Hot Tea Hot Water & assorted tea bags. $12.50

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. Menu subject to change due to seasonal availability of ingredients.